Jedoudna – Authentic Lebanese Cuisine

All orders are accompanied with freshly baked Lebanese bread, fresh vegetables and olives.

traditional dishes

vegeterian-small  Foul Mudammas

Slow-cooked fava beans mixed with lemon juice, olive oil and garlic, served with chopped onions, tomatoes and parsley

Fatit Hummous

vegeterian-small Fatit Hummous

The traditional chickpeas and fried pita casserole made with your choice of either yoghurt tahini or plain yoghurt


vegeterian-small Labneh

Lebanese strained yoghurt

Eggs & Omlettes

Eggs with Sujok

Eggs with Sujok

Eggs, sujok and olive oil

Country Side Omelette

Countryside Omelette

Eggs, parsley, onion, tomato and spring onion



vegeterian-small Zaatar

Dough with thyme, sesame seeds and olive oil

Akkawi Cheese (manakish cheese)

vegeterian-small Akkawi Cheese

Akkawi Cheese (manakish cheese). Dough bread with akkawi cheese

Manakish Labneh

Manakish Labneh

Dough bread with cucumber, potato, mint, garlic and olive oil

Lahm bi ajin

Lahm Bi Ajin

Meat with tomato, mint, green pepper and onion

Lebanese-Style Potatoes

Lebanese Mashed Potatoes

vegeterian-small Lebanese Mashed Potatoes 

Potatoes, lemon, garlic, olive oil, sumac

Lebanese food for delivery

Cold Mezze

Fresh Vegetable Platter

vegeterian-small Fresh Vegetable Platter

Lettuce, green pepper, tomato, onions and olive oil


vegeterian-small Hummus

Chickpeas puree, tahini and lemon juice

Hummous Jedoudna

vegeterian-small Hummus Jedoudna

Mashed chickpeas, tahini, lemon juice, green chilli, pickles and parsley


vegeterian-small Mutabbal

Grilled eggplant puree, tahini, garlic and lemon juice

Mutabbal Jedoudna

vegeterian-small Mutabbal Jedoudna

Grilled eggplant puree, tahini, garlic and lemon juice, topped with pomegranate syrup and walnuts

Eggplant Jedoudna

vegeterian-small Eggplant Jedoudna

Fried eggplant mixed with cumin, coriander, garlic, pomegranate

Waraq Enab

vegeterian-small Waraq Enab

Vine leaves stuffed with rice, tomatoes, parsley, onions and lemon juice


vegeterian-small Hindbeh

Wild dadelion sauteed with garlic, topped with crispy onions

Spicy Olive Salad

vegeterian-small Spicy Olive Salad

Green olives mixed with onions, pepper, walnuts, carrots and chili paste

Hot Mezze


vegeterian-small Falafel

Onion, garlic, celery, cumin powder, coriander chickpeas

Mix Pastries

Mixed Pastries

Cheese rolls, kibbeh, fatayer and sambousek (2 pieces each)

Hummous Shawarma

Hummus with Shawarma

Hummus topped with beef or chicken shawarma




Parsley salad with tomatoes, fresh mint, lemon juice, onions and olive oil



A mixed salad tossed with lemon juice, sumac powder and olive oil topped with crispy Lebanese bread



Fresh rocca leaves tossed with tomato cubes, onion and lemon-garlic dressing

Oriental Salad

Oriental Salad

Salad of tomatoes, cucumber, radish, onion and lettuce with garlic-lemon olive oil dressing


Shish Taouk Sandwich

Shish Taouk

Chicken with garlic sauce, pickles and fries

Kofta Kebab

Kofta Kebab Sandwich

Kofta with hummus, parsley, onion and potatoes

Meat Kebab Sandwich

Beef Kebab Sandwich

Beef cubes with hummus, parsley and onions

Charcoal Grill

Beef Shish Kebab

Beef Shish Kebab

Grilled beef tenderloin cubes seasoned with Lebanese spices

Kebab Kishkhash

Kebab Khishkhash

Minced meat flavoured with garlic, parsley and chilli paste on mashed grilled tomato

Grilled Lamb Chops

Grilled Lamp Chops

Lamp chops served with grilled onions, grilled tomato and fries

Grilled Half Chicken

Charcoal Grilled Half Chicken

Chicken served with fries and garlic sauce

Jedoudna Mixed Grill

Jedoudna Mixed Grill

Kebab orfali, kebab stanbouli, kebab cheese, kofta entabli and shish taoul served with fries, grilled tomato and grilled onion

Shawarma Plate(meat or chicken)

Mixed Shawarma Plate (meat and chicken)

Meat and chicken served with:

-meat, garlic, fries, grilled tomato and tahina sauce

-chicken with garlic sauce, grilled tomato and fries

Chicken Shawarma

Chicken Shawarma

Shawarma served with chicken and garlic sauce

Meat Shawarma

Meat Shawarma

Shawarma served with meat and tahini sauce




Two layers of golden vermicelli stuffed with cream drizzled with syrup

Ashta Bil Asal

Ashta Bil Asal

Lebanese cream topped with honey

Konafa with cheese

Konafa with cheese

Thick layer of mild cheese covered with a layer of golden crust drizzled with syrup

Konada with Bread

Konafa with bread

Thick layer of mild cheese covered with a layer of golden crust drizzled with syrup and Arabic baked bread

Mafrouki Bil Ashta

Aish Al Saraya

vegeterian food marked is vegetarian

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