Jedoudna Lebanese Resaurant

Jedoudna Lebanese Restaurant

In the time of our forefathers, integrity was the virtue most cherished by the proud people of Lebanon. Across the snow capped peaks of the great mountain range and through the scattered villages, from the coast of the Mediterranean to the rich Bekaa Valley, communities tirelessly worked the fields and then passionately turned the fresh produce into hearty, tasty meals to be enjoyed by the family, friends and occasionally the weary traveller. Mealtime was never just about food, it was about sharing in a welcoming environment. The deep traditions rooted in the past continue to this day beyond the shores of the land of milk and honey.

Jedoudna Lebanese Restaurant Mezze

Jedoudna is a tribute to our ancestry. It is literally translated as ‘our grandfathers’ while referring to the men and women that so lovingly instilled in us our proud culinary traditions. Their authentic recipes, that have been handed down through the generations, serve as our inspiration. The hospitality that is so instilled as a pillar of our cultural identity remains a noble tradition.

Jedoudna Lebanese Restaurant, serving traditional Lebanese delicacies in a hospitable setting, sprinkled with a romanticised flavour of yesteryear.